Graham Donald

Why am I a Liberal Democrat?

The short answer is because I believe in liberalism and helping create a society that is open, tolerant and united. Yes, I believe in the rights of the individual, but that means fostering the rights of others, not just enforcing my own. And if I have a bias it is towards the poorest, both at home and abroad.

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Why I'm a Liberal Democrat

For me, it's all about the Lib Dem vision - a fair, free and open society. The Lib Dems want a country where absolutely everyone is guaranteed a fair chance at a rewarding life. And I want to live there! We can't control what bodies we open our eyes in when we come into this world. So how we look, where we come from, who we love or what we believe shouldn't affect our experience of
life. I think if we put equality and fairness at the heart of every policy, we can't go far wrong."


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