Police on our streets

Residents in the Devonshire Road area complained to Graham about number 99 which is neglected and open to the elements. Accordingly, we have asked the police to take action since the site is insecure and children could gain access and hurt themselves. The police say that 99 Devonshire Road will be added to their “patrol plan”, and that they will contact the building owner. We are, once again, chasing the city council planning enforcement team to take some action.

Policing is a problem in many parts of the ward. Break-ins are a worry and so are thefts from cars. A new police presence based in Southmead Hospital should mean more police officers in our community to reassure residents and deter criminals.
With police officers based locally, we should also expect a quicker reaction when we call them.
We shall contact the local police to make these points.

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