MYFIRSTMILE links Henleaze to Gloucester Road

MyFirstMile is an innovative taxi service which plugs gaps to bring the rapid bus networks closer to home.

Public transport can be efficient at ferrying lots of people along popular routes, but those routes don’t always connect so easily to “home”.

In an attempt to reduce car journeys, MYFIRSTMILE connects commuters in Henleaze and Westbury Park to popular bus services on the Gloucester Road.

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Will Bristol Libraries be talked into oblivion?

We are underwhelmed by the city council’s latest report on libraries, discussed by Cabinet on 2 October. 

The report says that a strategy will be developed, with “community conversations” about the service and the use of buildings, as well as upgrading of equipment.  The report says, after all the work done on alternative models, that the service will be council run.


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Unlawful SEND cut BLOCKED

Labour-run Bristol City Council has finally abandoned its plans to slash funding for children with special educational needs and disabilities following a High Court case brought by parents and a council motion by Liberal Democrat councillors.

In February, Labour pushed ahead with cutting funding for disabled children in the city, despite the service already being grossly underfunded. But the £5million cut was struck down by the courts following a challenge by local parents.

The courts stated the council’s decision was made ‘with no regard at all’ for the children it would affect.


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Transport remains a big issue in Bristol

Waiting for the busMetrobus is delayed, over-budget and has serious design flaws. For instance, buses will not go into Parkway Station as bus and bridge sizes are incompatible. As Bristol’s major transport investment, it is a serious let-down. And it is sucking resources away from other parts of the city, including Westbury and Henleaze.

How much longer must we wait for proposals to deal with the increased traffic on the A4018 corridor that will be a consequence of the 5700 planned homes in the Cribbs Patchway New Neighbourhood (CPNN)?

If commuters are not offered good alternatives to the car, then they drive in as far as they can and park all day in residential roads. This causes difficulties in Westbury Village and along the no 1 bus route and clogs the narrow roads of Westbury Park.

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Closure of public toilets concerns residents

The city council closed the Westbury village toilets in January and has since boarded them up.

Instead, the council is pushing a “community toilet scheme” that commits cafes and other shops to allow almost anyone into their facilities but with no contribution to the additional costs. So far no Village businesses have signed up.

Bristol Community Toilet Scheme

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Disused Phone Box

Graham spotted the disused grey phone box in the layby on Canford Lane. As it stands, it is an eyesore, attracting only spray paint and rubbish – the telephone was removed long ago.

Graham wrote to British Telecom to ask about their plans for the redundant phone box and was told that they want to remove it by March 2019.

Disused phone box

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Police on our streets

Residents in the Devonshire Road area complained to Graham about number 99 which is neglected and open to the elements. Accordingly, we have asked the police to take action since the site is insecure and children could gain access and hurt themselves. The police say that 99 Devonshire Road will be added to their “patrol plan”, and that they will contact the building owner. We are, once again, chasing the city council planning enforcement team to take some action.

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What's going on with our libraries?


The saga of Bristol’s libraries continues: it is unclear whether Mayor Rees will ignore a Government funded report on a tested ‘mutual’ approach to running Bristol’s library service.

Mayor Rees delayed his library closure plans and commissioned the report, after pressure from the Lib Dem chaired scrutiny group, local community library support groups and a successful Lib Dem council motion. This was the only positive and costed proposal put forward and was supported by some councillors of all parties.

What's happening with our libraries?

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Westbury-on-Trym & Henleaze by-election will be "a close call"

The by-election in Westbury and Henleaze on 24th May is expected to be close. Liberal Democrat campaigner Graham Donald is fighting hard to succeed popular Lib Dem councillor and former Lord Mayor Clare Campion-Smith.

Graham says, “This by-election is likely to be a close call between Teresa May’s Tory candidate and myself – with Labour and the Green Party far behind as they were in the city council election in 2016. I have the same commitment to working for all residents that Clare and her predecessors had."


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Mayor Rees responds to Graham's petition

Mayor Rees responds to Graham's petition about the £70k “GOLDEN GOODBYE” given to former chief executive Anna Klonowski

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