MYFIRSTMILE links Henleaze to Gloucester Road

MyFirstMile is an innovative taxi service which plugs gaps to bring the rapid bus networks closer to home.

Public transport can be efficient at ferrying lots of people along popular routes, but those routes don’t always connect so easily to “home”.

In an attempt to reduce car journeys, MYFIRSTMILE connects commuters in Henleaze and Westbury Park to popular bus services on the Gloucester Road.

Taxis pick up passengers from various points and ferry them to Gloucester Road from where they can catch buses towards UWE, Parkway etc.

Graham’s daughter Mary uses MYFIRSTMILE to help get to her work near Parkway. He says, "My daughter loves going to work that way, her journey would be totally impractical without this service. She chats to the driver who also enjoys having the extra regular passengers but he's worried that the service will not continue next year."

From 8th October, Mary and others with bus passes will be able to use the service for free. MYFIRSTMILE is an experiment, due to end in December, so use it or lose it!

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