Will Bristol Libraries be talked into oblivion?

We are underwhelmed by the city council’s latest report on libraries, discussed by Cabinet on 2 October. 

The report says that a strategy will be developed, with “community conversations” about the service and the use of buildings, as well as upgrading of equipment.  The report says, after all the work done on alternative models, that the service will be council run.


So two years into this administration and after…

  • two public consultations
  • umpteen cabinet papers
  • a scrutiny task and finish group
  • a motion at full council
  • and a government funded review

...the council says there is no strategy and they’re back to talking to communities. But communities can’t be expected to produce strategic frameworks.

Meanwhile, councils such as York steam ahead with new thinking and a comprehensive library service for residents.
At this rate, Bristol libraries could be talked into oblivion.

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