A good idea on air quality should be followed up

Let’s see if we can have notices at the end of the M32 reminding drivers to switch off their engines.
Many residents welcome the City Council’s plans for “A Clean Air Plan for Bristol”.

One Westbury resident commented to Graham about the harmful effects on public health of motorists leaving their vehicle engines running when they are stationary.

He suggested having notices erected at the end of the M32, reminding motorists to switch off their engines when they are stationary. He thought this would be simple, inexpensive, and easily monitored. Similar notices have been in place for many years in Arley Hill and outside Colston’s Primary School.


Graham asked the Mayor at the recent Council meeting if he would agree to have notices erected at the end of the M32. The Mayor said there could be legal difficulties (there is said to be no approved sign for this purpose) and we would need to consult. He suggested discussing the matter with Councillor Mhairi Threlfall (cabinet member for highways).

We shall follow this up and report back.

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